New&Noted: LISA’S Beetroot Hummus

We were kindly given a sample of LISA’S beetroot hummus to sample and review. Quite familiar with this brand as my boyfriend especially buys LISA’s hummus, for some reason, he won’t buy any other brand when it comes to hummus?! And, not surprisingly, he finished it on the same day during his snack time!


LISA’S has launched a brand new dip; Beetroot Hummus with Roasted Cashews. It’s quite rich and earthy in flavour, and definitely an option for the health conscious, so I’ve been told. The new dip combines the sweetness of beetroot together with the blended and savoury taste of roasted cashews that is finished off with a dash of natural sea salt. The sound of natural sea salt alone is enticing!

My boyfriend who reviewed it said that sometimes with beetroot hummus, certain brands make them with a bit too much garlic. However, with LISA’S beetroot, that was not the case at all which he liked. He also liked the fact that it was not oily, without it being too dry. Yes, he does seem to know his hummus! I would trust him on that.

I’ve been told people love LISA’S hummus for its authentic, quality ingredients and are produced in small batches; freshness and flavour takes precedence. Another positive fact is that it is gluten free with no added dairy. Checklist for the health-conscious, all boxes ticked! And, if you are not a beetroot lover, I was also told that the taste is not overbearing at all!

At an affordable price of RRP $4.49, try it out, available from supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit


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