Hotel Transylvania 2: Movie Review

If the Hotel Transylnania 1 had been successful in changing the image of Dracula vampire who was supposed to be scary into a great daddy who loved his daughter so much, the Hotel Transylvania 2 brings back the daddy, but more than that, a grandpa.

The story begins when Mr.Dracula knew he was soon becoming a grandpa, he was so happy because he believed the baby would inherit his great vampire power. Unfortunately, Dennis – his grandson or the baby of Mavis and Jonny, although he is almost 5, the family still doesn’t know whether he’s a vampire or just a normal human, because he neither has fangs nor an ability to transform into a bat like his mom and grandfather. The Dracula was so panic that he and his monster friends try many ways to awake vampire power inside Dennis before he turns 5 to stop Dennis and his parents from moving for the sake of safer place.

This sequel has done a good job in bringing a comedy movie and positive messages about family unity and diversity. You’ll see how Count Dracula gives all his love and carefulness to his grandson; however, his way is a bit excessive. The familiar monster followers of Dracula: Frankenstein, Werewolf Wayne, Invisible man Griffin, Murray brings out lots of jokes that will make you laugh so hard, which also shows that monsters are no longer scary. Also, the appearance of human - Johnny’s parents in the monster hotel implies the harmony between human and monster. Besides, adorable Dennis, new characters, good music, and great voice casts of Adam Sandler (Count Dracula), Selena Gomez (Mavis), Andy Samberg (Johnny), etc are the main keys to bring the success to the movie.

However, focusing too much on vampire-awaken stuffs makes other interesting things in the movie forgotten or became non-sense. The journey to Johnny’s house in California was an interesting part that should have developed more in order to see the emotion of first time seeing the human world of Mavis; also, Johnny is a 27 year old daddy but still acts like a child, which doesn’t make sense. Besides, the contradictions in the movie are solved in way too easily that might not satisfy audiences.

Overall, comparing to the part1, the Hotel Transylvania 2 story is a bit unelaborated; however, as a comedy movie for children and parents, this sequel still brings enough joyful and educated implications for its audiences.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Lexie To

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