Alien: Covenant - Movie Review

Alien Covenant is a fantasy horror directed by Ridley Scott, based on characters created by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shussett, story by Jack Paglen and Michael Green and screenplay by John Logan and Dante Harper. Starring Michael Fassbender (ofcourse), Katherine Waterson and Billy Crudup, the hard hitting horror featuring ferocious, acid dripping life forms and a tough female lead.


The ‘Alien’ franchise has produced another movie based on the original with “Alien: Covenant”. The film is named after the ‘home’ spaceship within the film, The Covenant, and is set in the future year 2104 a decade after ‘Prometheus’, the second instalment within the franchise that explained the origins of the original ‘Alien’ movie, along with mankind itself. Although Scott teased that the movie would be just as scary, with equally as scary characters, the creatures within the sequel were a little bit of a let down for those loyal fans.

‘Alien: Covenant’ takes place a decade after ‘Prometheus’ and 18 years before the original ‘Alien’ movie. Apart from ‘Prometheus’, Alien fans worldwide have waited two decades for a proper Alien Movie instalment. Scott announced the project which had loyal fans and just movie fans in general eager to see what sickly gory creatures the director had cooked up, but were mildly fulfilled as the movie was considered a mix between ‘Alien’ and ‘Prometheus’, inevitably what we have seen before.

In the films best scene, David (Fassbender) teaches Walter (Fassbender) how to play the flute, which is the following scenes turns in to a weapon used to kill. The scene is so compelling, we forget that Micheal Fassbender is playing both characters which is credit to the filmmakers. The production value of Scott’s production is yet to be contended with, as the sheer brilliance of specific scenes is notable and highly noted by the audience and movie critics worldwide.

In February 2017, a prologue was released titled ‘Last Supper’ starring none other than James Franco (for a minute) as the Covenants feverish captain. Along with the misrepresentation of Franco’s role within the movie, two crew-members are suggested to be gay but no further action is taken. Adding the theme of homosexuality to the film could have added depth through different execution of the matter, and included current events to the future based film.

Scott has hit and miss the mark with ‘Alien: Covenant’, while failing to live up to the high expectations of the horror film fans, he has successfully returned the series to it’s horror movie roots after ‘Prometheus’. With a sequence of gory death scenes and the realization that once humans are infected by the virus they are the walking dead, the movie is by far the best alien horror film released in a very long time. All in all, to all the die hard horror film fans ‘Alien: Covenant’ is a must watch, especially as it showcases the return of Ridley Scott within the ‘Alien’ franchise. 


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