The Sense of an Ending: Movie Review

The Sense of an Ending is a British drama based on the novel written by Julian Barnes, directed by Ritesh Batra and screenplay written by Nick Payne.

The Sense of an Ending also stars Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling and Harriet Walter, is film based upon the assumptions that arise when questioning and representing past experiences and the impact they have on our present situations. This film holds the ability to captivate a wide range, but may hold a different meaning or perspective behind the adaptation.

Tony Webster (Broadbent) is a 70-something year old retired doctor, who now owns a vintage camera shop in London. Tony is a divorcee, who remains relatively friendly with Margaret (Walter) who have come together to support their single, pregnant daughter Susie. Tony within the film, learns he has inherited an old diary from his mothers recently deceased college girlfriend. Both Tony and Margaret are both suspicious about the diary, eager to learn more about the person and situation about his mothers past love, and why he would benefit from knowing the secrets within the diary. Flashbacks are essential within this film, as Tony’s past evolves. the past and previous experiences are pieces within the puzzle surrounding his mother, her past love and the diary.  

Do not let the low ratings fool you, this is a pleasant movie that touches on weighty and awkward topics as done in the Julia Barnes book. The cinematography is extraordinary, with some exterior shots that really take your breath away, even if Batra lingers (you know why). Also the use of flashbacks was handled tastefully, with each specific remembered and remastered when reverting to present time.

The Sense of an Ending is a relatable, yet thought provoking character-driven drama, with a great cast that give genuine and heart-felt performances. Ritesh Batra and Nick Payne are a match made in film maker heaven, as the screenplay and story compliment the direction Ritesh Batras took when directing. The film may hold diverse meanings for each and every individual who watches. This may be in relation to the age, experiences or individual interpretations of the audience, but once again I will say the movie is worth the watch. The twists and turns within the movie will keep you entertained, while also building each character so you are not left feeling unsatisfied with the ending. 


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