Spider-Man: Homecoming – Movie Review

Spider-Man: Homecoming comes on the back of Tom Holland's Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War which had him as one of the most vocal characters in the movie. Therefore, the movie which is solely dedicated to Tom Holland's Peter Parker comes as an added dose of the character which symbolizes Youth and humor.


The entire story is set in the local background. He has not been captured in exotic locations fighting off the villians. In fact, but from a small trip to Washington, the story is based in his hometown. The story revolves around his aunt as well ,he is based out of New York where he attends a school. In the frame, the character of the Spiderman is not that of an avenger but rather it revolves around the local friendly Spiderman as has been the pretext of Spiderman movies since long. There are quite a few glimpses into the normal life of Peter as well rather than just the costume wearing Spiderman. He has a close friend by the name of Ned who is an easy going guy with a special fascination for superheroes.

As per the earlier Spider-man character, the film is full of humor as well as jokes. The film highlights his immature behavior a bit more as compared to the earlier ones, almost to the point where it seems like you are watching Spider-boy rather than Spiderman.

Michael Keaton is cast as the villain of the movie. His company is not faring pretty well due to lack of government business, but he turns things around by switching over to criminal activities with the help of alien tech which gives him some extraordinary powers. Keaton plays the humoristic side of the villain pretty well and seems threatening as a villain as well. The villain in this movie is not world threatening but he is challenging enough for the youthful Spiderman who tackles him pretty well.

Homecoming is an example of the Marvel films becoming more and more amalgamated rather than isolated stories as well as characters. The insecurity as well as the confidence, both equally opposite traits of the main character are played very well by Tom Holland. Adding glamor to the movie is the High IQ Liz who is again his classmate. The personal love-story of Spiderman again, unfortunately, relvoves around the same plot of not being able to give time to his love due to crime fighting duties.

The action sequences in this movie are low-key as compared to average standards set by the predecessor Spiderman movies. However, this is due to the fact that he's still learning to cope up with the superpowers. In one such action sequence, he's hanging upside down trying to fight the goons sent by Vulture(Keaton). However, he's not always able to have its way as in that particular fight sequence, the villains are having some secret weapons and he still does not have entire control over the superpowers.

Homecoming is just one of the results of the entire Marvel comics as that the character of Spiderman can easily carry a movie on its own shoulders as well. The movie has been created in such a way that there are plenty of opportunities to create sequels. It is a light going movie where the focus is more on the progress which the character makes a rather than the city saving abilities of the protagonist. All in all, if you're a fan of Marvel comics, it is a must watch movie though it does not provide any new perspectives as compared to the predecessor Spiderman movies.


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