War for the Planet of the Apes - Movie Review

The movie comes after a gap of 6 years from the predecessor. The life of the apes has become even more difficult and the movie directly focuses on the war. One of the main principles of this movie series which has been followed in this particular movie as well is that the movie is ape-centric. Instead of making it human-centric, the principle of keeping it ape-centric has continued. Due to the staunch opposition of the apes to the humans, this movie never ceases to capture your attention due to its unique premice and unusual battles. The movie takes the enemity between the apes and the humans to all new level with one of the scenes in the movie depicting the wall with "Ape-pocalyspe Now" written across it.


The premice of the film is set 15 years after the biotechnological events which gave rise to the apes. At the very start of the film, you are given a glimpse into the human as well as apes enemity.A group of soldiers enters the forest of the apes with monkey killer as well as other slogans like bedtime for Bonzo written across their helmets. This clearly indicates that the enemity with the apes is now the order of the day.

On the other hand, none of the side is completely loyal. You have human supporting the apes and you have apes that are supporting the humans as well. That is why the war when it actually begins is blurring the lines of loyalty as well as support.

General McCullough is the commander in chief of the human army which is tasked with fighting the apes. At an earlier battle near the waterfall hideaway of the apes, the apes lose out in large numbers which engrave the feeling of revenge in the ape leader Caesar played by Andy Serkis. He along with a few allies heads over to the McCullough base.

Caesar that is Andy Serkis has been capturing the attention of most of the audience right from the start. In this movie as well, he is just brilliant.

In the earlier movies, however, it was pretty evident that the scenes were created with the help of CGI. However, in this movie, the acting by Serkis is so good that the CGI effects are not that much evident. Moreover, since the CGI effects are much more subtle you can be sure that the movie seems much more real as compared to the predecessors.

The close up and personal shots of the apes are one of the best ones in the entire movie. Along the way, they also find a mute girl played by Amiah Miller, who becomes the travel companion of the apes. The bond between the mute girl as well as Reeves has been depicted pretty cleverly without the use of any words. One of the main reasons why this movie is so brilliant and it seems so real is that much of the communication is carried through the human emotions rather than making the apes speak. Even though there are plenty of occurrences of the later but former ones also do not go unnoticed.

The battle scenes, as well as the travel of the apes, are highlighted pretty magnificently in the movie where the director enlarges the entire scene in order to highlight the significance of the sequence. At the same point of time, whenever it is needed he does not shy away from focusing on the close-up of the apes. All in all, if you have watched the previous 2 movies, this one is actually much better as compared to the predecessors not just in terms of the story but also in terms of the shooting.


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