Atomic Blonde - Movie Review

Charlize Theron, adds life to the entire movie Atomic Blonde. Even though the plot of the movie is pretty cleverly presented, but certain actors just take it up a notch. Right from the start, Charlize Theron makes a huge impact. The movie is set in the cold era with the Berlin wall crumbling. The movie starts with Lorraine soaking herself in a bathtub completely bruised, which actually raises more questions than it answers. Thereafter the premise begins where she is interrogated after her arrival from Berlin in a small interrogation room. It is here that the movie delves into the world espionage and double crossing agents. The movie revolves around between 3 to 4 characters but the unique twists and turns, make it much more interesting than the normal spy movies. The movie right at the start makes it amply clear that the movie involves a lot of action. This does justice to the direction of a former stuntman turned director John Wick.


The movie is based on a mission to retrieve the list of Mi6 operatives from a defector. Mcavoy is an agent who has turned into a Berlin native and dawns the mantle of a field agent perfectly. Mcavoy is almost relishing his character. The sequence of crossing and double crossing starts with Mcavoy lying to Lorraine. This makes the movie more interesting as it is not revealed whether he is lying under the assumption of her being a double agent or he has some evil plans himself? What is the truth of the French agent who spies on Lorraine but eventually ends up sleeping with her? Is she the real double agent? The suspense in the movie just keeps on getting higher.

All of this is coupled with a question which arose right at the start of the movie showing Lorraine with bruises before she started narrating her Berlin story. In between these sequences are James Bond like fighting sequences where Theron matches in fierceness with any other action character.

All in all, as the suspense unfolds around fast paced action, we can surely say that Theron has done complete justice to the character of Lorraine and also to protagonists desire to protect Mi6 agents from getting killed on the field. The suspense build-up and a unique twist to a common plot does make this movie interesting.


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