The Big Sick - Movie Review

The big sick is actually based on the story which revolves around the confluence of cultures. In this movie, Kumail Nanjiani plays himself that is a Pakistani immigrant trying to find his way through life in America. He's a struggling stand-up comedy and trying to woo audience at the club on a daily basis. The movie has a romantic comedy which revolves around the compatibility issues of a Pakistani immigrant and an American girl which is played by Zeo Kazan. Zeo Kazan definitely lives up to the part and plays the character very well.


During one of his shows, Kumail meets Emily and the light flirting results in a relationship. Soon enough though the happy moments are punctuated when Emily realizes that her boyfriend Kumail, hasn't actually revealed their relationship to his family. This exerts a lot of pressure on their relationship as Kumail's family is looking for prospective brides for Kumail ,of Pakistani Origin. Soon enough, however, Emily ends up in the hospital with a medically induced comma. This is where the parents of Emily are brought into the movie who dislike Kumail right from the start and not just because of his breakup with Emily but also due to his Pakistani origin. The rest of the movie revolves around how her parents grow fond of Kumail one scene at a time. At times, you are actually forced to do wonder whether it is a romantic comedy or whether it focuses more on the confluence of cultures.

However, the director Michael Showalter is able to induce a healthy dose of humor in each and every scene. If you look at the ratio of funny scenes to the duration of the entire movie, you would realize that it is more than enough to keep you entertained. There are only a couple of sequences in between where the humor does not punctuate the storyline. All in all, it is a romantic comedy which is much closer to real life as compared to some of the other movies which we have been watching lately. If you're looking for a light-hearted comedy, this one would fit the bill perfectly. It is certainly a one-time watch owing to the sub-genre which it targets. The humor which arises out of the confluence of cultures is pretty entertaining.

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