Logan Lucky: Movie Review

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Blonde Bond Breaks Bad

Despite talks of Soderbergh hanging up his directing gloves years ago and moving away from mainstream film, cinemagoers will be thrilled that he stayed in the game after watching Logan Lucky.

Exploring the deeper facets of ‘Merican hickdom, Soderbergh fuses a spicy mix of backwater vagrants into a team of speed-way robbers. Brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan, played by likable rogue Tatum and a one-armed Driver, suddenly decide to upgrade their lives from lower-middle class, despite obvious barriers such as intellect and skill. The working man fighting against the machine theme ekes through the performances, but never does it try to twist arms in order to convince who to root for.

The humour is deft and the ending anything but cliché. Those of you wondering where LL stands in the Soderbergh canon are likely to find it somewhere to the left of Oceans 11. A heist film at its core, the Logan Brothers and Craig’s ex-con add comical layers to what could have been a procedural smash-and-grab hope for the best.

A fun, non-committal watch , LL gives Daniel Craig a well deserved break from his strict six year stint as her majesty’s finest – James Bond. Behind-the-scenes imagery and featurettes make LL feel like the laid-back film Craig’s been waiting on ever since rocketing to super-stardom with Skyfall in 2012. His blonde mane does little to dissuade from the fact he can play a true blue American criminal believably and make audiences chortle while he does it.

Come final credits, audiences finally realize they were watching an ensemble piece all along. The likes of Katie Holmes, an almost unrecognisable Seth McFarlane and a straight-faced Hilary Swank never get their golden moment the same way Craig, Tatum and Driver do. However, it’s only a misdemeanour in the face of so much rollicking fun.

Logan Lucky streaks across screens with a stellar performance from Craig, while striving against convention and merely sizzling through its runtime rather than ending on a conventional Joe Bang.

4 out of 5 stars

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