Girls Trip: Movie Review


Just when you thought an all-female cast comedy film was finalized by Rough Night (released mid June this year), then you are greatly mistaken seeing as another female comedy phenomenon has taken the cinema stage this month. Girls Trip by Malcolm D. Lee (Scary Movie 5, The Barbershop, The Best Man Holiday) is the next big thing since 2011’s Bridesmaids, with it’s intricate attention to authentic comedy as well as exploring the sweet themes of friendship, celebration and sisterhood. It’s bound to be a summer favorite and here’s why!

The film in its entirety revolves around a weekend away for old college girlfriends, otherwise known in the film as ‘The Flossy Posse.’ This posse consists of a vibrant group of women starting with Ryan (Regina Hall) who is a successful ‘Oprah-like’ author with a high profile marriage to NFL hero Stewart (handsome but adulterous), Sasha (Queen Latifah) who makes a living out of exposing the life of celebrities, Dina (Tiffany Haddish) who is the most impulsive and drama craving one of the posse, and last but not least; there’s single mother Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) who is a current divorcee that supposedly needs to get laid, according to the rest of the girls.

First off, it’s a known fact that it's quite a complex task to pull off a well-written comedy that has the standard plot of a group of friends going away for the entire weekend, showcasing daring activities along with the standard drama between them. This cliche concept would steer most viewers away due to its foreseeable outcome; however, that is not the case for this hilarious chick flick.

The quartet of stars perform exceptionally well and make this Flossy Posse of 40-year-old women feel as though they were a real-life pact of college friends. It’s hard to resist the actors vibrant charm, wit, humor and zest for bringing this story to life. Lee makes sure to revolve the movie around the women themselves and not vice versa, so that we can take a glimpse into their personalities as opposed to them being treated as props for the success of the film- seeing as some comedy duos/trios/quartets etc. tend to focus on the quantitative factors such as incorporating scenes into the film for publicity as opposed to progressing the overall plot.

In terms of the script, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris, successfully executes a crude but seldom cringe screenplay that consists of cat-fights, girl-talk, girl- roasting, and explicit dancing- all of which provide the viewer with a good taste of comedy heaven. It’s also been a while since we've seen a cast of black women in a mainstream comedy film, so alongside the humor and funny factors- it’s also somewhat empowering to see women take center stage on comedic films, as well as now being mutually aligned with other well-known comedy films (with male protagonists) such as The Hangover and American Pie.

Overall, the humour in this film is not for the faint hearted- the constant tears of laughter will leave you wanting to organize a weekend trip with your own posse; and if you’re a lone ranger then why not go ahead and plan it anyway. Kudos to the cast and directors for creating a comedic realm of goodness for all ages (over 15) to enjoy.


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