Kingsman- The Golden Circle: Movie Review


After Matthew Vaughn’s successful Kingsman: The Secret Service back in 2015; he’s back at it again with another upbeat, unified and unforgiving sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Since 007 has been on a long, outstretched hiatus due to Daniel Craig’s abandonment, it’s possible that Taron Egerton (Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin) may be able to take the alpha role in the spy/action genre this summer due to his exceptional delivery in this sequel’s predecessor. With that being said, will the revival of the Kingsman story please the Kingsfan, or will the Golden Circle be likely to turn into a disappointing bronze?

Unlike the first film where Eggsy discovers his late father’s dedication to the secret service, here we see Eggsy in a new and improved light, seeing as he is now an official Kingsman (a secret service). Furthermore, one year after the events took place in Kingsman: The Secret Service, Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) are given a tough trial, seeing as someone has eliminated the main headquarters as well as the remaining portion of the Kingsman agents. They’re then lead to discover an allied spy organization in the US who they team up with to save the world (especially their own). They’re otherwise known as the Statesman, a group of newfound American counterparts who take an immense interest in whiskey and Southern etiquette.

The obvious and paramount strength to this film is the marvellous action and kickass suspenseful scenes that leave the viewer wanting more. A perfect example is the manic opening fight scene between Eggsy and his school enemy Charlie that takes place in a black cab - the lively, vibrant and upbeat beginning is an ideal way to start the film off with a bang, especially with the heavy use of kicks/jabs/ and fist fighting in a fast moving cab, and in a fast moving city polluted with traffic.It makes you wonder how on earth did they pull off the upending camerawork.

A great distinction between this film and the first film is how the characters have developed stronger identities, giving a more clearer and distinct voice this time around. You can tell the cast are thoroughly having a blast bringing Vaughn’s vision to life- especially Strong, where in this film his character gets to experience all the glitz and glamour in the action world alongside Eggsy.

The American counterparts a.k.a The Statesman also made for a good laugh, with some comedic performances from Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges; Halle Berry and probably the MVP of the team, being Pedro Pascal, who seemed to nail the southern accent to a T which made his performance more believable and comical. They bring their own American twist to the British dominated film and add a spark that none of us knew was needed for this film.

Moreover, for every movie it’s mandatory to have a villain/antagonist to create suspense and debate among the viewers. In saying that, the movies villain billionaire drug lord Poppy (Julianne Moore) has a sweetly evil persona to her as she pushes the American President (Bruce Greenwood) to legalize drugs and narcotics. Moore’s performance was twisted, cute, comical, yet still dark as she may not be the physically intimidating villain that we would expect her to be; but her overall demeanour can say otherwise.

Ultimately, Kingsman: The Golden Circle may not entirely escape the shadow of it’s predecessor; but it does present immense comedy, action and suspense in it’s own right. Vaughn delivered exceptionally well in bringing these memorable characters to life again as well as creating a fast-paced, almost fainting but aesthetically pleasing world of chaotic beauty, that leaves the audience wanting more, including myself.

It’s definitely not a film to be missed out on this Summer! Here’s to hoping that this dual movie series turns into a trilogy.


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