Blade Runner 2049: Movie Review

Blade_Runner_2049_2040_0The long-awaited sequel (emphasis on long) is finally here to grace the screens for viewers who have been waiting for infamous franchise to reboot since 1982. With great precision and intricate detail from the works of director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario, Prisoners) along with the film’s talents consisting of Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas and many more. Blade Runner 2049 is bound to be a rebooting success. In saying that, it seems like the appropriate time to revel into Villeneuve’s sci-fi world of glow and glory and to see whether the all these exterior factors and reboot were all worth the long anticipated wait.

The film is set thirty years forward from the timeline of it’s predecessor. Gosling’s character, Officer K, hunts replicants just as Ford’s character, Rick Deckard, had done so in the first film. Gosling does a splendid job with executing K’s humourless, dry and dim persona, although he is able to easily transition to being a love-smitten K who is anything but dim around his holographic sweetheart Joi, played by Ana de Armas. The event that changes this films normality around is when K encounters a box buried by a replicant, which certainly escalates K’s current situation.

The sequel also reacquaints us with some iconic faces such as: Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Frank Sinatra, all of which appear in a hologram. This introduces us in a mysterious and unpredictable sense seeing as the imagery behind their appearance remain unsolved, which can leave the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Some the pivotal moments to this sequel are the visual aesthetics that Villeneuve effortlessly brings to life. Not only does he succeed in the dialogue, narration and intricate detail towards each character’s purpose; but he makes it mandatory to perfect the visuals for this film and to do justice to it’s predecessors magic. He is able to vividly shape a society that revolves around man, machine and artificially sound holograms with complete ease- you would almost think that this world was your world and that our universe is a large pool of vibrant, sci-fi beauty. It’s also a great benefit with skilled cinematographer, Roger Deakings, bringing his genius into the mix and capturing a variety of chiaroscuro shadows and moving spots to emphasize and reinforce the characters’ unsettled psyche throughout the film.

Now it’s certain that most viewers would be waiting for Ford’s return in the film, just as they did in Star Wars: The Force Awakens; and a blissful return is what they got, if not more. Although he does appear later in the film, his presence makes an exceptional difference towards the films overall impact- I will say that the ending would not have been as empowering without Deckard’s return.

Overall, in it’s own right, Blade Runner 2049 stands exceptionally well on it’s on two feet as the production certainly have gone above and beyond to maintain and pay homage to it’s predecessor. The visuals are an infinite sci-fi pool of magic and is a cinematic experience that will leave the viewer wanting another sequel due to the magic that Villeneuve and his team brought to life. This is definitely a film to see and one that will remain a constant favorite for quite some time.


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