Daddy's Home 2: Movie Review


Tis the season for festive family comedies- first we were graced with Bad Moms 2 (2017), and now comes the follow up of Daddy’s Home (2015); Daddy’s Home 2. Returning director Sean Anderson (We’re the Millers) and the rest of his team have released a sequel of fun, drama and something definitely not for the faint-hearted. Will this sequel do justice to its predecessor or will Daddy’s Home 2 be placed in the category of movie flops? 

In the previous film, the two main characters, step-dad Brad and biological dad Dusty (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) manage to iron out their differences as being co-dads by working overtime for their large families. In this film, we see that they decide to propose a toast of celebration for the festive Christmas season with both of their families. Instead of having the children commute to and from the dads homes, they collectively decide to hold the Christmas celebration in one place. As a result, Brad and Dusty invite their fathers to join the special occasion, Type- A pop Kurt (Mel Gibson) and overly passionate Jonah (John Lithgow). Also in the mix are the men’s wives Sara and Karen (Linda Cardellini and Alessandra Ambrosio) as well as Karen’s bulky, macho bad-ass ex-husband Roger (John Cena); which adds immense tension throughout the film.

Despite the fact that the entire cast is filled with several well-known actors, the humour lies more into the heart of Will Ferrell himself; the film’s comedy is right up his alley as opposed to his co-stars. The humour consists of exaggerated physical comedy and a likelihood of overusing a specific joke which ends in an awkward moment between the actors; hopefully provoking the comedic side to the awkwardness. Wahlberg seems more comfortable with going along with the humour in this sequel than the first film, and Lithgow does a splendid job with exuding an obedient and lenient father role to Ferrell’s character. The big standout in Daddy’s Home 2 would most likely be Mel Gibson seeing that his effortless attempt at portraying a Martin Riggs like persona that he exceptionally integrates in this comedy film.

The film’s tagline states “More Daddies, More Problems,” and that is certainly what was achieved throughout the film. However, due to the many events that revolve around family issues, Daddy’s Home 2 could almost have more potential to be a family drama as opposed to a comedy as it heavily engages in the drama and tension of the characters.

Overall, the film plays it safe the comedy realm and although it integrates some crude humour into the dialogue of the characters, it does not seem to redefine the comedy genre or play with enough fire to give this film a bit more zest. Nevertheless, there are chuckles here and there which unfortunately outweigh the big and hearty laughs that are usually the result of a hilarious film- thus, this film is definitely for those who are prone to laugh easily. It is scarily similar to Bad Moms 2 in that it revives the beloved protagonists from the first film, and adding more spice and drama into the mix; and finally, a moment of realization and resolution at the end. Daddy’s Home 2 lacked in-depth character development which can cause the viewer to become apathetic to the character’s tribulations since we as the viewer are not given enough content to empathize with the characters. Nevertheless, the film brings warmth and may be worth the watch this Summer.


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