Bellas are out of college and not as impressive anymore. The last and final chapter in the series can be disappointing for fans as it seems overblown and utterly pointless.

The Bellas return to give us one final outing that sends these characters out on a high note; or they would have had it not been for the plot of this third film of the series that completely trips and falls on its face. There are few good moments but they are matched with equal number of half baked and self destructive ones. In 93 minutes of run time Pitch Perfect 3 tries to be too many things, an emotional and nostalgic farewell saga and a James Bond action adventure!! At least the music’s fun.


Written by Kay Cannon and Mike White, directed by Trish Sie (Step Up All In), the storyline follows the Bellas in to their lives after college and the struggles that it brings along. Beca (Anna Kendrick) has quit her job as a producer at a record label and is living in New York with her roomies, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and Chloe (Brittany Snow). Unable to perform regularly with their best friends, the Bellas decide, on a suggestion by Aubrey (Anna Camp), to hop on a USO tour which is scheduled in Greece, Spain and France. Oh, and the tour is (somehow) sponsored by DJ Khaleed, who plays himself.


Bellas feel a little insecure to find that the competition is with groups that play all instruments. They find their rivals in ‘Evermoist’-an all girl rock group headed by a smarmy Calamity (Ruby Rose). But competition isn’t the only plot in this drama. Apart from a couple of love interests, we get to see some serious daddy issues when Fat Amy’s (Rebel Wilson) long-lost father turns up for reconciliation which has some nefarious ulterior motives and is thwarted by the Bellas. It of course involves some spying, kidnapping and explosions. That’s a lot a of job to do along with singing!


Performances by the group provide the best moments of the film, the standout being a rendition of Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’. It’s probably the only spy movie that will involve a choreographed performance of the song deployed as a diversionary tactic. For all three of the films in this series now, the best moments are when the women are together on a stage performing. Sadly this part of the series has shockingly little screen time devoted to a Capella singing.


The script is dense with jokes, especially oddball one-liners and visual gags. Although most characters get their share of these kooky moments, but in general, the storylines feel thin for everyone not named Rebel Wilson. The film showcases her brazen and silly brand of humour along with some wild fight scenes. Anna Kendrick has been given short shrift on her story. Quitting her job as a music producer and facing a dilemma whether to leave her group and go solo, or stick with the team.

The story is about female friendship and its persistence. And that harmonies can be deployed to... errr..in this case, fight criminals? Pitch Perfect 3 is so breezy it’s completely weightless, but it manages to deliver just enough of the goods. The cinematic effort to get the band together one last time is good for nostalgia and sense of closure, but it isn’t much of a movie.


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