With photos saturating our everyday lives, it is becoming more and more apparent that the amateur photographer can often give the seasoned pro a run for his or her money. The first proving ground for amateurs to test their photography chops is the streets. Not only does street photography challenge shooters to step outside their comfort zones but there are so many different elements to street photography.

 Here are Fujifilm’s tips to get inspired.

Keep an eye out for hobbyists and public activities Here is where you can take some great shots of people doing their favourite hobbies. Think action shots of a soccer ball being kicked into a goal, a person wincing in pain from getting their first tattoo or a candid snap of that guy who walks seven dogs down a busy main street.

Choose your timing well Try to get out and practice when big events are on - think parades and festivals - as they are the perfect opportunity to really tell a story with your images. Plus, you will likely be one of many taking photos, so it may help with the nerves! Capture emotion Some of the greatest photos are taken while observing a moment of emotion while in the middle of the street. This kind of picture is all about being in the right place at the right time. We suggest keeping an eye out for explosive phone calls or couples sharing a moment while w walking down the street.

Whatever the moment, make sure you’re ready to get that winning shot. Using a camera like the X-H1 (part of the Fujifilm X-Series) allows the photographer to shoot sharp images while being handheld, meaning you won’t need to worry about stopping to focus and missing the moment. This gadget is perfect for street photography.

Use windows to your advantage Windows are often portals into amazing scenes that can be snapped from the street. Make sure to think about the angle of the shot so you don’t just catch your own reflection (unless you’re going for this style of course). Use the aperture ring on your FUJINON XF lens to its advantage and widen the aperture to play with depth of field and get a nice blurred reflection sitting on the glass, with a crisp image of what lies beyond.

Be inconspicuous This doesn’t mean to say be sneaky – but don’t be obvious. Choose gear that isn’t super bulky, which will make your subjects hyper-aware of you and potentially hideaway or confront you. Pick up an X Series mirrorless compact system like the X100F that saves you from the obvious size of a DSLR and means you can shoot from among the hustle and bustle without drawing too much attention.

In saying this, remember to ask permission for obvious portraits or when photographing sensitive moments. People are still people.



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