Christopher Robin: Movie Review

Childhood favourite, Winnie-the-Pooh and his clan in the Hundred Acre Wood are brought to life in the remarkable Christopher Robin movie. The take on the children’s-book series is refreshing while evoking sweet and bitter tones at the appropriate times. It makes you wonder why you ever wanted to grow up. The most pleasing aspect of this film is how visually appealing it looks at all times. Watching Pooh’s innocence irritate Christopher (voiced by Jim Cummings) is entertaining and becomes meaningful when you can see that it redeems Christopher. Embedded within the story line are relatable events such as when Madeline undertakes a courageous journey in order to gain her father’s attention.


Despite some of the drama following predictable paths, watching Christopher remember life’s pleasures, not only rekindles his youthful spirit but yours too. This film will definitely win the hearts of an older viewer who is young at heart. The best thing about this movie is that it does an immaculate job of highlighting the conflict we all go through as we get older and lose touch with our inner child. The amount of times it tugs on your nostalgia heartstrings are countless. The films successful attempt in regards to juxtaposing the reality of our past with that of our current is fantastic. Christopher’s grown up world consists of muted greys and dull browns in contrast to the lively and vibrant colours of magical Hundred Acre Woods. It is a constant reminder to the audience that the child is still within us.


Unfortunately, the film doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head because the aim, which is to tell a cohesive story with a clear mission isn’t met. To add to the small list of blunders, certain scenes seemed to serve no purpose and felt like a drag. It is arguable that the objective was to emphasise just how cute Winnie and Co. are but that concept is overplayed. The film is beautifully shot however on a cynical note, some may say that the film had limited charm. The scenes which reinforced Eeyore’s chronic depression were produced well but in all seriousness, he needs serious professional help.


The film is sentimental however not necessary. The film is borderline overrated because it does just enough for it to work, coming from someone who isn’t a diehard fan. The story around Christopher is at times questionable but the performance of the realistic characters is nothing short of delightful. Nonetheless, the downfalls of the film do not subtract from the size of this film’s heart. Fortunately, the film is ‘cute’ enough to watch alone however I wouldn’t urge anyone to watch it right away unless it will keep their children entertained for a while.


Rating: 2.5/5

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