Mile 22: Movie Review

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The movie has no sense of boundaries and not in a good way. Mile 22 is an overly frantic movie with very few genuinely exciting scenes of visceral violence. The number of times that you wished the camera would have held still for a second longer so that you could actually see the shots clearly are one too many.

It is very difficult to try figure out what James Silvas’ deal is, (played by the one and only Mark Wahlberg). Silva is a paramilitary operative, a part of an elite task force, handling all kinds of missions that normal military units cannot. You sit there wondering if Silva suffers from some type of personality disorder or whether he just takes pride in being a jerk that enjoys killing people creatively. A scene that comes to mind, is when he drags a guy’s neck over the glass shards of a shattered car window!

Although the film is action-packed to the ‘max’, the copious bloodshed comes from characters that lack depth. So despite, all the gadgets and breath-taking stunts, the thrill just isn’t there. To cut it some slack, previous Wahlberg movies such as Survivor and Patriots have been based on real life events, whereas Mile 22 is purely fiction which may explain why it is so weak. The film is overstated and predictable. The dialogue makes it seem like everybody is just angry all the time. Quite frankly, the ‘tough guy’ dialogue is overplayed. This basically means that we get a grisly Wahlberg swearing a lot. I have never seen a character insult his co-workers so many times and with the most unamusing ‘smart’ remarks.

There are so many times where it seems that the camera operators have forgotten how to point their cameras. The editing isn’t any better, with the rhythm of a hiccuping flea who is having a seizure. The sound design was so bad, that at times you weren’t able to understand what the characters were saying and maybe we should be thankful for that. Silvas intelligence is overplayed and I would have much rather preferred watching Uwais, a kinetic Indonesian fighter-actor. It is arguable that Iko Uwais’s skills upstaged Wahlberg and gave Ronda Rousey a run for her money. In all honesty, it seems like this was a waste of good cast. For anyone who actually enjoyed the movie, the ending seems to suggest that it might indeed continue.

Rating: 1.5/5

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