A Simple Favour: Movie Review

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A Simple Favour is Gone Girls friendly cousin. Our classy blonde and brunette duo are both so invigorating in this mystery-comedy that you can’t afford to take your eyes off of the screen! Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively fill the plot ever so graciously with their pointed inflections and snappy gestures. Lively carries this sexy mysteriousness throughout the film making it look effortless while Kendrick twirls lines of dialogue with a lilt. The timing of the flashbacks are done well, filling in the characters backstories just a little bit at a time. What seems like a simple life unfolds into a plethora of mystery. This film really let its hair down in all aspects.

It is essentially a thriller spelt out through comedy. One wrong move could have resulted in the film being just plain old boring but director, Paul Feig can have his cake and eat it too. The film is suspenseful and hilarious at the right times. It is also insightful about the mind games women can play with each other. Lively, who plays Emily, is sensational to watch because her dialogue is so smooth and genuine, as if she didn’t even need to rehearse it. Emily could easily become a disliked character because of her awfully good looks and charm but she is not the least bit haughty or played as in being ‘privileged’. It is no doubt that this role will elevate Livelys Hollywood ranking. The duo make the experience of watching the film entertaining and fun as it dives into the dynamics of a female friendship. It knows how to show you a good time whether it is from inviting inappropriate laughs from taboo subject matter or from just not shutting up. It is done too well. Despite the trailer drawing on the thriller genre a bit too much in respect of what you actually get, the psychosexual thriller has all the elements of envy, lust, betrayal, revenge and a body count. The trailer mistakenly limits the film to the thriller genre but don’t let that fool you.

You are hooked right from the beginning, when an innocent playdate turns into an alcohol-fuelled fun and games for two women harbouring dark pasts. However, after the first act, the suspense kicks in and that will have your toes curling. You so badly want to believe that A Simple Favour is realistic. Your head won’t allow it, but your heart will. The twists come thick and fast, both about Emily’s disappearance and the characters backstories. For some experienced moviegoers, the central mystery isn’t always as clever as the script thinks it is, with some obvious reveals that are handled as too big of a surprise. Fortunately, these are outnumbered by the times where you’re unsure of what will come next. Overall, the film’s success is because of its two winning lead performances. Their contrast is perfect as they spark off each other. The number of tricks pulled off turn out to be just crazy enough to work.

Rating: 4/5

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