Smallfoot: Movie Review

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The film carries sufficient charm so it is a journey that you don’t mind taking. There is no doubt that it is a feel-good movie. The story is actually centred around Bigfoot but it hinges on a clever reversal of perspective. With a cast that is comprised with a tribe of Yetis in the Himalayas that are scared of the unknown creature known to them as Smallfoot, this is a film that you cannot miss! What’s more is that Smallfoot is human! Co-written and co-directed by Karey Kirkpatrick, while Jason Reisig co-directs, with Clare Sera, John Requa, and Glenn Ficarra as co-writers. This animated musical will not only get the audience’s hearts soaring and toes tapping, it also engages their intellectual side.

The plot is one we have seen before but with a twist or two. Our hero, Migo, played by hunk, Channing Tatum, is a happy-go-lucky Yeti who loves his home so much he sings a song about it. You may even get flashbacks to “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast. Migo is much more refreshing than his Disney counterparts. He is unquestionably loyal and optimistic and such a joy to watch. Although Smallfoot is a bit formulaic, it is still unique because of its willingness to dive into the themes of questioning blind faith within small communities. As you observe, there is no growth and no motivation in the village, which Stonekeeper basically controls. This is a brilliant way of teaching younger audiences about fake news. The animation designs are stunning and eye capturing. Each Yeti character is diverse in shape, colour and hair designs. This is simple but visually effective. The contrast of the characters amongst the busy, detailed village is gorgeous. The ninety minutes fly by as you are mesmerised by all the magnificent cinematography.

There is something undeniably ballsy about a children’s movie that is fixed on challenging the status quo. This is one animation that presents value in the smallest, most crucial details. Apart from being able to relate to the ‘be yourself’ messages, there is quite a similarity between the Yetis world and us humans. The audio is very generic. The film delivers a fun morality tale coupled with plenty of good humour that will keep the children entertained and their adult companions mildly amused. The messages are all happy and positive without being too cheesy. A harmless watch that presents bright and cheerful animation. There may be a few too many sing and dance numbers for the not so light-hearted but nothing too unbearable. Despite not being an animated, technological Marvel, Smallfoot is genuine and has real laugh out loud moments. What it lacks in traditional, family-oriented style, it makes up for with its vibrant and engaging characters who exude compassion and keep things lively. The messages that are embedded consistently throughout the movie are full of wit and clever. Smallfoot has a genuinely heart-warming message and feel, perfect for the whole family.

Rating: 3/5

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