Fujifilm’s guide to perfecting portraiture and achieving spectacular studio shots

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Shooting the perfect portrait demands special expertise and settings, but equipment wise, nothing excels more than X Series’ new X-T3 with its quick image processing and superior functionality with fast- moving subjects and low light. For those wanting to make their studio shots even more spectacular, below are Fujifilm’s top five tips:

1. Connect with your subjects

Ensuring your subjects are ‘photogenic’ has less to do with how they look in front of the camera but rather how they feel. Put your subject at ease by getting to know them briefly beforehand. Ask them if there are specific poses they prefer and offer to play their favourite music in the studio during the shoot.

2. Choose your lens carefully

Portraiture takes a three-dimensional face and turns it into a flat plane of space. For this reason, choosing a lens that compliments your subject’s features is essential. For example, a longer lens will make facial elements look flatter and fuller, while a shorter one will elongate them. Analyse your subjects most flattering features and select accordingly.

3. Candid is key

Nothing is worse than a portrait that looks forced. To avoid this, encourage your subjects to move freely and take actions that make sense. Moments of candid magic will most certainly follow. Next, select an X Series’ lens with quick autofocus and start snapping!

4. Lighting

Set your subject up for success by positioning your lights above their eye line, and your camera just below this level. Anything else—underlighting especially—is famously unflattering.

5. Black-and-white

If you encounter a poor lighting setup outside of your control, one simple trick can save the day. Evoke a sense of timeless style by switching to black-and-white, a setting that eliminates the distraction of colour and restores all emphasis on the subject.

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