A Star Is Born: Movie Review

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Bradley Cooper’s best decision was to star Lady Gaga alongside his role. Lady Gaga, who has done some acting in the past has rightfully received a lot of the films praise. Her performance was beautifully layered. Cooper, however, just knocks it out of the park. He is so impressive, both in his capacity as an actor and director. A beautifully written script, stellar soundtrack and genuine performances, makes this a worthwhile watch. Cooper plays Jackson who looks like a man who lives by the bottle. However, what is so refreshing, is that Cooper avoids all of the clichés so that the audience is really able to probe the depths of this individual.

The chemistry throughout the movie is so real and natural. It carries the entire movie and is what allows it to be so moving. The performances of the duo are the heart and soul of the film. The songs are a perfect blend and tie in well with the narrative by helping the story be told further. There is no doubt that this film will be a major player in the upcoming awards seasons for both the authentic acting and the beautiful vocals. This is the fourth time this story has graced the big screen however it is so far from being a rehash. The themes which the film explores are covered accurately and in depth. The film recognises the cynical nature of fame and more importantly, life. It has everything in the sense that it is a sweep-you-off-your-feet romantic fantasy coupled with substance abuse drama and an industry cautionary tale.

The beauty about each remake and this one in particular is that it feels so sharp and true to our particular era and perhaps that is why it is reformulated at least every two decades. Each time a theme is recognised, the audience is enabled to reflect on where they stand in regards to how it treats fame, addiction and gender. This isn’t something for the light-hearted in the sense that it’s a past time movie or something to watch to take your mind off things because it really makes you question yourself. It actively grapples you.

There is something about this movie that makes it hard to fit into a box. It tackles several genres; it could almost be described as a messed up fairy tale. There are also many occasions where you experience a near-throwback feeling to a vintage flick which leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. The concert scenes are captured amazingly. The whole time the audience feels so connected to the script and the characters. It is perfect because of the emotional jugular entwined with the best cinematography of 2018.  Fueled by such scintillating performances, you cannot afford to take your eyes off of the screen. This film represents a massive achievement for the industry. The amounts of hearts that have been captured are immeasurable.

Rating: 5/5


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