Movie Review: Robin Hood


Robin Hood, the legend of the outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor is revised...not for better but certainly for worse! As we are told at the very start to forget everything we know about the legend, towards the end you wonder why and for what.


We have seen countless versions of the legendary tale(s) of Robin Hood, each one memorable in its own way. The new version of 2018 Robin Hood will also be remembered as a definitive misadventure. The plot is an odd twist of the original, with surprisingly less than average performance by a great star cast, and slack dialogues and narratives. There are some appreciable action sequences, but that’s about it.


In the 2018 version, Robin of Laxey (Taron Egerton) is sent off to the Crusades in Arabia at the very start. He has a chance encounter with an Arab warrior who survives the crusade and later on, trains Robin. The Arab warrior played by Jamie Foxx is addressed in the movie as ‘Little John’, which apparently is the literal English translation of his Arabic name.


Meanwhile, back in England, Robin is believed to be dead. It is four years since he was gone and no one had any news on him. His lady love Marian (Eve Hewson) has moved on with rich and politically ambitious Will Scarlet (Jamie Dornan). On the other hand is the wicked and corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn) who has taken over Robin’s manor, over taxing and troubling the locals.


Robin must save Nottingham with the aid of his trusted friend John. They set off on their mission to overturn the Sheriff, and after arduous fight sequences, the mission is accomplished. And that is the end of the legend retold.


A poorly conceived plot, some very mediocre performance, lack of synergy between the protagonists, not so attractive costumes and cinematography, there is not much good to register about the movie.


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