Media Release: Dead Favours unleash Misbehaviour




Distilling their special blend of heady rock and roll into 10 intoxicating tracks, Dead Favours deliver the perfect antidote to wintery days and long nights with debut album Misbehaviour, which releases today.


Three years it the making, Misbehaviour is a staunch blend of riffs, beats and balls-out energy muddled together with tales of love, life and loss. Recorded in Melbourne and Auckland, with Tom Larkin (Shihad) and Jon Grace from Homesurgery Studios on production, Misbehaviour packs every inch of punch from their live performance (minus the Tequila) into what might just be New Zealand’s next top rock album of 2019.

“It’s developed into a special project and I’m really proud of what’s going to come out of this album. I think it’s f*ckin’ awesome.” – Tom Larkin (Shihad)

Spice up your life and cleanse your palate with Dead Favours this weekend. Enjoy the music irresponsibly (but not the drink).

Misbehaviour track listing:

On Your Own – A song about parting ways with a family member.
Strong riff with unique blends of melody and break downs. Pairs well with a strong, craft IPA or APA. Rates 8/10 on the Scouville scale.

Noise Beers – Sometimes it feels like you have people in your life that drag you down.
If you like a kick in the teeth, this song is for you. No time to catch your breath. Pairs well with straight 1800 Tequila. Rates 10/10 on the Scouville scale.

Disposition – This song talks about getting some space from the world.
This is when the album introduces tasty mood and ethereal ooohhhs. Pairs well with a Tanqueray Gin and Tonic. Rates 5/10 on the Scoville scale.

Battles – Written about standing tall and backing yourself.
Groove, falsetto, riffs and attitude. This song has something for everyone. Pairs well with a Jack and Coke (none of this premix BS). Rates 7/10 on the Scouville scale.

Collision – Occasionally your hopes and dreams come crashing down. It’s how you react to it that matters.
Massive thundering drums (including drum solo), and heavy guitar riffs coupled with soaring chorus vocals. Pairs well with straight Jameson on the rocks. Rates 8/10 on the Scouville scale.

Wake Up – Inspired by a friend going through a divorce but getting back up on their feet and carrying on with life.
A song that sits on a groovy riff, with melody dancing over the top. Pairs well with a 2013 Church Road Chardonnay. Rates 6/10 on the Scouville scale.

Take Cover – A song about hiding from addiction.
Marching rhythm and riffs with hints of The Beatles meets QOTSA throughout the chorus. Pairs well with water. Rates 6/10 on the Scouville scale.

Lost On You – An open letter to a family member. Some people don’t understand the value of family.
An infectious riff that’s equal parts heavy and melodic, coupled with a pop sensibility and a dark atmosphere. Pairs well with a strong Espresso Martini. Rates 7/10 on the Scouville scale.

Misbehaviour – Lyrically drawn from the feeling that life is misbehaving on you. The feeling that no matter what you do, there are going to be times that don’t go your way.
Bolting out the gates with aggressive drums and heavy riffs, moving into more heavy riffs and melodic embellishment. By 1:30 even heavier riffs slam on the table, and it doesn’t let up for the rest of the song. This song must be paired with straight Jägermeister and can cause temporary blindness! Rates 9/10 on the Scouville scale.

Luxembourg – This song tells a story of reaching the end of your life and looking back with regret. The chorus speaks of the realisation that life is what you make it.
The slowest and possibly most mature song on the album. With emotion-evoking dynamics and a falsetto that adds the sparkle to the end of the album. Pairs well with a Villa Maria Taylors Pass Pinot Noir. Rates 3/10 on the Scouville scale.

Misbehaviour, featuring the singles On Your Own, Lost On You and Misbehaviour is out now on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music with physical copies of the album available through Bandcamp.


View the 5-part behind the scenes of the making of Misbehaviour below.

Dead Favours are:
Jared Wrennall – Guitar/Vocals
Charlie Smith - Drums
Kyle Wetton – Guitar
Will Kearney - Bass

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