All-star support line-up announced for Kelela’s first and only NZ show


In just over a week, rising R’n’B sensation Kelela will play her first show in New Zealand, with support from an exciting local line-up including Villette, Soraya and Dam G.

Kelela’s show at the Studio in Auckland on Friday, January 19, follows news that the LA-based singer will perform at this year’s Coachella festival.


The Commuter-Movie Review


The thriller set on a Metro-North train heading out of New York city is 65-year-old Liam Neeson’s fourth collaboration with Spanish director and Hitchcock enthusiast Jaume Collet-Serra. The film is a kind of thriller that has become rare in Hollywood, enjoyable and forgettable once you leave the theatre.


All the Money in the World-Movie Review


The film had been in news for its decision to replace actor Kevin Spacey following sexual allegations against him this fall. He has been replaced by Christopher Plummer who is the second lead in the film, which means nearly 30 percent of the film had to be reshot with just six weeks to the announced date of release! The remarkable and seamless technical achievement is evident when you watch the film. Christopher Plummer delivers brilliantly in record time along with actors sharing screen space with him, Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg in particular, who come in fresh responding anew to another actor’s completely different energy.




Bellas are out of college and not as impressive anymore. The last and final chapter in the series can be disappointing for fans as it seems overblown and utterly pointless.


Tad The Lost Explorer And The Secret Of King Midas - MOVIE COMPETITION

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tad Jones, the most awkward explorer, must rescue his beloved Sara from a millionaire who is looking for King Midas' necklace.


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